It’s always good to get organised at the beginning of every month as you’re likely to be happier, think clearer and become more productive. A new month is a chance to start afresh and get your life in order. Here are some of the practical things I do at the beginning of every month to get myself organised and ready to tackle a new chapter.

Declutter your home

We are all busy working, dealing with family issues and other things and it is honestly difficult to keep your home completely organised. At the beginning of every month is a good time to quickly go through the details and ensure everything is in order.

Clean the fridge

Take 10-15 minutes to take everything out, throw away whatever is no longer going to be used or has gone bad. Use a disinfectant to clean before adding back the food inside. Soda is great to keep in the fridge and freezer too to avoid nasty smells.

Clean the pantry

It’s always a good idea to know what you have and start making use it it. Sometimes we forget what we have and spend money necessarily buying additional items when we already have ingredients to use up.

Clean the beauty cabinet

I like to check for expiry dates or see if there are products I have forgotten about and should be using more. It would be annoying for my body cream to run out one morning when I thought I had an extra one, so it’s always good to check.

Prepare your budget

If you want to be financially free, start budgeting. Whether you make a lot of money or don’t, make yourself accountable for your income Vs spending ratio. Preparing a budget every month is a great way for you to spend within your means and also pay off debt if you have any. I don’t complicate it, I just track how much income I’m expecting and forecast my tithe, expenses then ensure I still have enough remaining for my monthly contribution into my savings and investment account.

Pick a book to read

Reading is a good way to invest in yourself, no-one can ever take away your knowledge. I am currently on my 5th book for the year and it has tremendously helped in my personal development. A good way to decide what book to read is think of an area you want to improve – finances, health, confidence, spiritual – then search for a recommended book for that. Get your friends to join in and make it more interesting.


The beginning of a new month is a great time to mark out and schedule important dates and events such as birthdays or meetings. Think about the focus areas you want to work on for your business and what you can do to exceed your past month targets at work.

Declutter your purse

If you are like me, by the time it’s month end your purse is one huge dump and you can barely find anything inside. I like to use the last weekend each month to empty everything, get rid of what I don’t need, put everything in place and possibly even switch to a new purse for the month.

What are some of your new month rituals that make it easier for you to glide through the month?

Stay positive always!

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