If you’re a brown skinned girl like me, i’m sure at some point you’ve gone through the detangling natural hair struggle. I used to spend so much time just detangling my hair which resulted in me dreading my wash days until i discovered the tips below that i now use when detangling natural hair.


This is when you precondition your hair before you wash it, the most common way is to massage warm oil onto the scalp and hair then cover it with a plastic cap for a couple of minutes. The idea behind this is to add an extra layer of moisture and prevent shampoo from stripping off or drying the hair too much. What i have realised is prepooing also softens my hair, making it easier for me to detangle. Imagine the difference between just trying to detangle your hair now and detangling it after pampering it with your favourite oil and letting the heat do its work. Try and let me know how it goes.

Work in sections & wash your hair in twists

I do everything ‘haircare’ in sections, it makes the process so easier and ensures i pay attention to my all my hair rather than just certain parts. Aphro hair is very different from other types of hair and so we have to be patient and give it some extra TLC. Rushing through the process is just going to cost you more in the end. I detangle before shampooing and washing my hair in the shower also helps me keep my hair detangled and prevents unnecessary matting.

 Wash your hair in the shower rather than the sink.

I know thats more effort and it’s easier to just put your head down in the sink and rinse it but you are likely to cause more tangles. If you wash your hair in the shower then it is naturally flowing down and so there are less chances of tangles.

Do ‘some’ detangling before you wash

Imagine heading straight into the shower and washing your hair after unravelling an old hairstyle without even attempting to detangle. That will make your detangling process harder. Your hair is also likely to become more matted or tangled which will frustrate you, and we all know what that leads to hahha. Do yourself a favour and invest a few minutes to do ‘some’ detangling before you wash. In line with the tip above – section, detangle then twist.

Fingers & conditioners

When it comes to detangling natural hair, your hands and conditioners should become your BFFs. Trust me, if you decide to just run your comb/ brush through your tangled hair the result can only be breakage. Let’s talk about the pain too, yes we all know combing that hard core afro, uuuuuuuumn. Play around with different ‘cheap’ conditioners until you find your favourite one and make that your holy grail for detangling. Whilst your it is in sections use your fingers to detangle your natural hair.

Need to comb?

I personally hardly comb my hair. Yea you can stop rolling your eyes now. If you need to, do apply the ends to root method, start with the ends of your hair and work your way through to the roots. Again if you comb your detangled hair from the root to tips you’re just going to cause breakage whereas working from the ends to roots will help you gradually get rid of the tangles.

Hopefully these tips will make your detangling natural hair process easier. Do bookmark and reference later.

Love X Blessings

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