We are now in June and that’s a reminder that we are halfway through 2018, where has time gone? I can’t be the only one wondering! It’s a good period to conduct a mid year self assessment resulting in a clear picture of were you are in relation to the goals you set 6 months ago. I’m sharing some pointers of how you can conduct a mid year self assessment and giving out a free printable monthly goal tracker.

Mid Year Self Assessment 

Did you set goals at the start of the year?
Are you halfway to reaching them?
What have you achieved till date?

If your answer to any of these questions sounded like, ‘Uuuuumn’ or ‘Mmmmm’, that isn’t a good sign. Nevertheless don’t beat yourself up -life happens to the best of us. Just don’r remain in that situation.

Don’t get stuck in comfortable discomfort.

Mid Year Self Assessment Tips

As part of this mid year self assessment it is important to remember that to get different results you have to do somethings differently. 

Were your goals achievable to begin with

Don’t want to go around chasing the wind. Earlier this year i shared a free goal setting workbook and emphasised the importance of goals being specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. Revisit your goals and determine if they are realistic.

ReOrder your priorities

A lot can happen in 6 months.  People and circumstances change all the time. Reevaluate your goals and think about whether those are still things you want to pursue. You know a lot more today than you did at the start of this year and are in a better position to reorder your priorities. 

Partner with God

As man we can plan our ways but only the Lord can direct and establish our steps. It is important in our planning that we commit our plans to God so He can bring them to fulfilment. I don’t see a better way to secure my future than sharing my plans with my creator, do you?

You cant take everything and everyone with you

My mum, sister and boyfriend constantly say this – know who to share personal information with. Not everyone deserves to know your hopes and dreams. Some things should be closely guarded. You don’t really know who is for you and who are the ‘wolves in sheep clothing’. If there are people slowing you down, discouraging you – drop them.

As you complete this mid year self assessment, remember to carry with you into the 2nd half of the year passion, strength and patience.

Monthly goal planner

I’ve prepared a free printable monthly goal tracker to assist in your mid year assessment exercise. You can click on the image for access.

Love X Blessings

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