Travelling with Natural Hair

Those who follow me on Instagram know i love travelling and i’m always in one place or the other. Lately i’ve been experimenting with my natural hair. I’ve learnt a couple of things whilst travelling with natural hair in its afro state and not wear any extensions, braids or even carry a wig. One valuable tip is it’s  just as important to plan for your hair as it is your outfits. 

Travelling with Natural Hair

In this post i’m sharing some tips for travelling with natural hair. I’ve also designed a custom travel checklist you can access in my free resource hub.

Check the Weather

The very first thing is think about the weather. Depending on hair type, your hair could thrive or suffer under different climates so it is imperative to know what to expect so that you are prepared. For example, if it is cold you need more moisture and might want a style that protects your ends.

Your duration of stay and the activities you’ll take part in

These will determine how you plan your hairstyles and the products to carry. If it is a short stay then probably focus on moisturising and styling products. If you’re going to have a prolonged stay definitely think about wash day. 


It’s a vacation, you definitely want to look cute. Lets be honest, natural hair can sometimes be boring , so be sure to pack your favourite accessories to dress up your outfits. Scarfs are a great way of accessorising natural hair when you’r travelling or on holiday. Also carry your bobby pins, wide toothed comb and hair ties to help you in styling. There are so many accessories you can carry when travelling with natural hair, and it will all depend on your duration of stay and activities.

Travelling with Natural Hair

Travelling with Natural HairProducts

This is an important one, stick to your usual brands.  You are going to be in a different environment so you want to simplify your life. Save time for actual holiday activities by using products you know your hair will respond well to. Try and pack products with multiple uses. For example, shea butter can be used as both a skin and hair moisturiser. Certain oils also serve multiple purposes and should be used when travelling with natural hair,  saving space in your luggage.


Stick to hairstyles you are familiar with. Travelling with natural hair is not the best time to try out a new tutorial you just watched on YouTube. I personally want to take a quick bath and style my hair in under 10minutes. Your focus should be about the holiday rather than spending time trying a new hairstyle.

Wear a protective style for the flight

The air on planes is really drying for our hair.  If you’re going to fly try get a deep conditioning treatment done before you travel with natural hair and when you return. Try to keep your hair in a bun or braid it rather than letting it out. I know it’s not so cute but health comes first right.

Travelling with Natural Hair

I’ve prepared a checklist for travelling with natural hair. It is available in the free resource hub together with other natural hair and living with purpose material. All for free.

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