In my opinion, every bed deserves two bedside tables, 1 on each side. Here is why:

There are so many things we need next to us before we go to bed and there is no way they can all fit on one night stand. If you disagree please let me know why in the comments box. Apart from the convenience of having these essentials right next to you, having two well arranged bedside tables will make your room look much more organised and look pretty.

You might not think these are all essential but i’m pretty sure you have at least five 🙂 


I have two of these, one on each side. It’s convenient for night time reading, you don’t have to get out of bed to find the switch for your main light, rather just lean over and turn off the lamb. Let’s not forget how much glam lamps can add to your space too depending on the style you choose. If you’re an early bird like me, this is certainly useful for you to do all your planning whilst still in bed since you may wake up whilst its still quite dark.


Who doesn’t want their bedroom to smell good? My preferences for candles are vanilla and raspberry! These scents change my mood and help me relax. 


My phone serves two main purposes for me when i’m sleeping – alarm clock and emergency services. Some people may opt to have an alarm clock, that has just never been my thing, i like setting the alarm clock on my phone because i can personalise it to include motivational quotes that will inspire me to wake up even when i’m sleepy. Secondly, if anything was to happen during the night and i need to contact someone, my phone is right beside me so i can just reach for it and call for help.

Hand & Feet Cream

Throughout the day we use our hands to greet people and do so many things, i don’t think there is ever a time my hands are free except for when i’m sleeping and so this is the best time to treat them and restore all the moisture you’ve lost. For some reason i like doing the same for my feet. The last thing i do before going into bed is wash my hands and feet (assuming i showered immediately when i got home from work) then apply moisturiser.

Torch Light

You’re probably going to think i watch too many movies after this but hahahaha its ok. I like to keep a torch that also has a knife/cutter thing inbuilt in it (I really have no idea what they are called) but it has all the ‘self protection’ tools you need in one. Be sure to periodically check the batteries if you also have one of these.

Planner & Pen

I like keeping my planner next to my bed before going to bed because ideas can come at anytime y’all. I can have one idea flowing the next moment its gone and something else comes to mind, so whenever i think of something i just like jotting it down then maybe after a few days i can revisit it to see if it is something i’d like to work on. It also helps me visualise and pray over my day when i wake up the next morning.


Imagine waking up at 3am thirsty and having to go downstairs to the kitchen just for a few sips of water- no way! I keep bottled water on one of my bedside tables so that anytime i’m in my bedroom and i’m thirsty, there is water. I drink a loot of water so i typically would open a bottle in the evening when i get home and it would be done by the next morning.


We get flu, spill stuff etc, and if you have tissue right beside you it is so convenient to just clean up your mess temporarily then properly deal with it the next morning. Ooh and on those nights i need to cry (hahah don’t judge me i find crying therapeautic) tissue right by my bedside comes in handy.

Thanks for reading till the end. What are your bedside essentials?

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