We are closing in on the 1st quarter of 2018, i’m sure you had goals you intended on achieving and i really hope everything went well. As we start a new quarter its time to revisit our goals for the year and see which part of them we can focus on for the next few months. I’m sharing 4 things to keep in mind when planning your 2nd quarter. 


That’s the best weapon against the various elements that result in failure such as procrastination, demotivation and unforeseen circumstances. Having a plan gives you a high level of confidence and assurance of performance and ultimately results.  You know there are 3 months and so you should break down your 2nd quarter goals into monthly action plans – as each month approaches break these into weekly and then daily action plans. This will enable you to be more effective rather than just telling yourself this is what i want to achieve this quarter. 


This is a challenge for many of us. It really isn’t easy to work your day job then also try work on on your personal ‘side kicks’ but if you master time management you can become that super human who does it all. One of the things i like to do (again) is plan, you can choose to sleep earlier so that you can wake up and so some personal tasks such as clearing emails before going to work. If you know exactly what you are meant to be doing, trust me you can get everything done. Until you have ‘made it’ you can’t really afford to just go to work or school then come back home, watch tele and sleep – c’mon you gotta have more ambition than that.


I don’t think people who are really successful just sit behind their computers all day and do their own ‘thing’, in life we all need people around us to cheer us on and encourage us when we fall. You don’t have to share all your ideas with the world- that would be unwise but definitely have that 1 friend  that understands your drive and also has their own thing going on so that you can push and motivate each other. I have that friend that will call me just to check how far along i am with my monthly targets and give me honest opinions on issues whether i would like her response or they make me cry, and i do the same for her. A support system will see you through on days were you feel like quitting and remind you why you started.


There will definitely be people that try stand in your way, they will discourage you and make you feel like maybe this really is not for you – silence them. If you focus on this negative energy you could start doubting yourself and it will slow you down. I’m sure you will agree that the best revenge for this group of people is success, work hard and prove them wrong.

There are still a couple of days left in March so lets close strong and when the new quarter starts lets be prepared and take it by the horns.

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