A couple of weeks ago i posted on my Instagram story that i would be writing a ‘Get To Know Me’ post and asked for questions y’all would be interested in me answering. I have finally had the time to sit down, compile the questions and answer them and sharing that in this post.

What do you do for a living? Do you have a 9-5? Are you a self made entrepreneur or do you work for a company? 

Uuumn. At the moment i am not working for any company. I resigned from my previous job about 3 weeks ago, i was a Customer Care Supervisor. I was really over it and not happy, and in 2018 my mantra is to love life so i left the job in pursuit of peace and happiness.

I will be starting a new job soon, taking a completely different turn in my career path and i’m excited and looking forward to it. I’ll share more details on that soon.

With regards to entrepreneurship, I sell hair care products and also provide consultation services. Blogging is my favourite baby at the moment and since i am not currently ‘working’ i intend on focusing more on that.

How old are you?

27 going on 23. The energy i have y’all i feel like i’m 22 again.

If you went to Uni what advice would you give?

Yes i went to Uni and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business and Marketing Management and a Masters in Business Administration.

That idea you have, start pursuing it, that dream job, start thinking of how you can add value to yourself to make yourself the right candidate when the time comes, apply for internships etc. Don’t wait till you are done with Uni to start living or start pursuing your dreams. Life is happening now, live it. Hang out with people that are highly motivated and so inspire you to do more than just party and buy the latest clothes and gadgets.

Whats your greatest fear?

Honestly thats a really difficult one to answer. I think being brought up in a Christian family and knowing all my life what is right from wrong, i do try to live a life that honours God. If i was to miss heaven that would be scary.

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in Nov 2014 when i cut my hair, primarily to track my natural hair growth journey but my interests sort of changed over the years and so i took time away to rediscover myself and think about what i really wanted to do. Sometime last year i decided to rebrand, expand and grow my brand so i purchased a domain name and got a website professionally done and i’m back.

Do you think you will ever start YouTube? If not, why?

Uuuuuuumn. For now it is a no. I’ve thought about it a couple of times actually but YouTube requires so much time and dedication to film, and especially editing. I can’t commit that much effort now and wouldn’t want to do it half heartedly.

When are you planning to get married?

About 6 months ago i felt pressured and really wanted to get married but now i have peace and i’m content as a single young woman going after her dreams. If it happens now, well and good, if it takes a few more years well and good too. I’m all about enjoying my life and making the most of every moment.

What drives you? Why do you do what you do?

Seeing women follow their dreams and rise up inspires me. I’m all for the #girlboss vibe and i want to see my sisters become successful in their careers, be it entrepreneurship or a 9-5. Ever heard of the #champagnediet? Yea i’m all for seeing the positive in situations and celebrating life everyday.

Plans for the next few years?

Work for the next 2-3 years as i continue working on my financial stability and somewhere along the line leave the corporate world and focus on blogging full time. There are other projects i have in the pipeline that i can’t really share as yet (Sorry!). I want the flexibility to work based on my own schedule whilst spending time with family. And obviously i’ll be living my best life!

So there you have it. Wanna know anything else about me? Leave a comment below and i’ll be sure to reply you.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Love X Blessings,

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