In all my years of living in Malaysia i always wanted to visit Singapore but everyone around me kept on blabbering about how it is so expensive. Towards the end of last year i decided to just research myself and go for it.

And so this is how one of my girlfriends and i spent 4 Days, 3 Nights in Singapore on less than US$330 each.

Day 1 – Gardens By The Bay

Arrived at Changi International Airport then used an Uber to the hotel. After resting for a while, we took a train into the city, explored a bit and had lunch. Towards the late afternoon we took the train again and went to Gardens By The Bay which is basically a nature park on hectors of land adjacent to Marina Bay Sands. We went into the rain forest, flower dome and stayed till night to enjoy a magical Christmas lights show. At night we went to a club inside Marina Bay Sands and enjoyed free drinks because it was ladies night. Hahahaha such a win! By the time we wanted to leave it was around 2AM so we used an Uber back to the hotel.


Day 2 – Universal Studios

Sooooo, since we were partying the night before, we woke up later than planned. Anyway we took the train and got to Universal Studios which is kinda like being at Disney Land, i guess. To add on to the misery of us being late it started raining! What a bummer. So we couldn’t really do much but when the rain eventually stopped we made use of the time and had fun, we went onto the roller coaster rides etc. In the evening we went to the beach side, watched a beautiful water and lights show and had dinner. Since we were all about the budget (no judgement please) we found another ladies night spot in the city so we took the train and headed there. We had free flow of drinks, danced the night away and took an Uber back to the hotel.


Day 3 – S.E.A. Aquarium

Here i quickly learnt that it was not such a smart idea to wear heels to the aquarium for the sake of taking cute pics. Aahahah! The aquarium is really big and beautiful, it was really worth the price.  Again it rained so we had to cancel all the other plans we had and headed back to the hotel. That evening we hung out with some friends we had made, drinks and food.



Day 4 – Shopping

To save time we went to Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands mall so we could both shop and see the day view of the iconic buildings such as the Opera House, Marina Bay Sands, Louis Vuitton Island and The Art Science Museum. What did we buy, not so much because the mall was so expensive however we did enjoy the beautiful views, had really good food and took the train back to the hotel. We checked out earlier in the morning and asked the hotel staff to keep our bags, so we just collected our bags and headed for the airport.

If you ever plan on visiting here are some Tips:

  • We used an App called Klook to purchase all our tickets for the activities. It is cheaper than paying at the place and you also don’t have to queue up, just scan your code and they’ll let you in. There are different Apps available just find what suites you.
  • Use the train. Cabs are expensive and that’s why you see most times we opted to use the train. Their train system is very sophisticated and gets you from Point A to Point B in a matter of minutes. Mind you the country is also really small.
  • Carry a cute backpack around. We were able to transition from day to party clothes without going back to the hotel because we carried a change of clothes and took turns to carry it around.
  • Don’t splurge on your hotel. We booked an average rated hotel and took a twin room. It was comfortable but nothing fancy. We did so because we already had our trip planned and knew we would only be in the hotel to sleep then out every morning.
  • Singapore is expensive, no doubt! However you can cut down costs by using various Apps to find deals and get cheaper alternatives.

What did this trip teach me? Take the time to search for information on your own and don’t always listen to people. If i hadn’t done that, i’d still not have visited Singapore thinking it’s too expensive. In other news i already have a list of all the places i want to visit this year and i am super excited! Anyone else going to travel in 2018?

Love X Blessings

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