How you start your day is everything. It plays a major role in determining whether you are going to have an average or fabulous day. As we embark on a new year, i really encourage you, if you are not doing so already to think of a few things you can do each morning to set the tone of your day to become more positive and that way you can better achieve your goals. Behavioral psychology says it takes 21 days to form a habit, so think of what you can do differently and try it out the entire January, and by February it could be a habit.

Here are five things i have been doing every morning, well most mornings and they’ve made a positive difference in my daily life.

Make your bed: Believe me, making your bed first thing when you wake up does something unexplainable to you on the inside. I guess maybe the thought that you have already done something, or you have a more organised space. Just try it.

Light stretching: Exercise at least once a week (Yes that is enough for me) however every morning i spending 10-15 minutes on light stretching. This includes a few squats and planks. Physical stretching helps improve posture by relaxing muscles in addition to being a stress buster.

Healthy breakfast: Ever since i started having breakfast every morning i’m a happier person. Literally! Breakfast gives you the energy required to start the day and more importantly it keeps you from over eating throughout the day.

Gratitude journaling: It is good to start the day with positive vibes. When you self reflect on how good God has been, you’ll discover so many reasons to go about the day smiling.

Plan the day: I’m a believer in living for a purpose. You cant simply exist without any desires, and achieving success is determined by your everyday decisions. Whoever you are and whatever you do, have a plan. Start somewhere. Think about it, you get to save time as well because you already have your day mapped out so you are not going to waste time thinking, ‘ok, whats next’.

Always start with your most difficult task: As discouraging as it sounds, when you offload the heavier load first you will have so much peace and can go about your day a happier person than when you have that task at the back of your head all day.

I’d really love to know what are some of your morning rituals and how they impact your days turn out. Let me know below.

Love X Blessings

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